all pieces are handcrafted out of recycled material. Earrings to be worn everyday or for special occasions.

No piercing? We got some earcuffs as well! Hope you find something you like for your ear!

Free shipping within Sweden.

Birgit Small

1000 sek

Twisted earcuff

400 sek

Beatrice Large

950 sek

Beatrice Small

850 sek

Earcuff Dot

250 sek

Earcuff Thick

500 sek


300 sek

Melissa Large

500 sek

Tiny U

200 sek

Tiny S

200 sek

Tiny Line

out of stock

Nike small

500 sek


out of stock

Birgit Large

1200 sek

Melissa Small

350 sek

Nike medium

600 sek

Birgit Large Gold

out of stock

Melissa Gold

out of stock

Twisted earcuff gold

out of stock

Beatrice gold

out of stock